September 2014 – Lisa De Bonnet

Lisa De Bonnet

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Cut Creased Eyes


   Ladies, this is honestly one of my all time favorite looks all year round, the Cut Creased eye look! Yes it takes a while and a few fails to get it right, but mama when you get there.. it’s like eye-heaven, isn’t it?! You get to play around with all different colours and textures …  sweet baby jesus that’s nice Follow these easy steps for an on point eye.. Read More

What’s in my bag ?


This has been so long overdue! Every one saw this tag all over the internet #teaminternet ,and hasn’t it been life changing? No really, it’s amazing what fits in there. It’s like Marry Poppins magic or something… So I know it’s been trending for ever but I’m just going to jump on the bandwagon – even if it’s a last minute jump – I made it! Here is what is.. Read More

DIY: Wall Decoration


First update in my DIY section! Welcome to you, right there, sitting in front of your computer. You beautiful you! I’ve been seeing these ‘Sweater Weather’ tags everywhere for about 2 or 3 years and I’ve been obsessed with them ever since. And even though I might be jumping on the bus very very late – like, running after the bus and finally getting on all red and sweaty- I’m.. Read More

Date Night Nails With Dior


    When I was younger, I really didn’t like applying polish on my nails. It started chipping really soon and if there is one thing I hate – strong word there- it is chipped nails. But for a while now I’ve been collecting the Dior Nail Polishes. I really enjoy them! They have an easy brush to apply the polish, shine a lot, have great coverage and stay perfect.. Read More

A MAC Autumn Look


  Some might say Summer is still here, but Autumn is my favourite time of the year, so when september comes around, I secretly wave the sun goodbye -with big arm movements- and warmly welcome the season of my birthday, Halloween and Christmas! It’s socially unacceptable to start decorating so I make small changes, I start layering in my outfits, my nail polish gets darker and my make up gets.. Read More