January 2015 – Lisa De Bonnet

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When in Rome…buy make up

If you follow me on Instagram, please do so, you know I spend a couple of days in Rome this week! Me and two of my girlfriends packed our bags and flew over there for a little city trip and my oh my was it beautiful! We got to see the Colosseum, Vatican City, Villa Borghèse, the Pantheon and so many other gorgeous places. I really had the best time.. Read More

My Top 5 2014 Beauty Discoveries


   Every month I see beauty bloggers share their favourite products of the month. And I feel it can be a little bit repetitive for me, because – lesbehonest, I probably use 5% of my make up on a day to day basis! So to start of 2015, beauty wise, let’s take a look back on my favourite products I’ve used in 2014. It’s the best of of the best.. Read More

TRICK: fix cracked powders


Imagine your expensive Diorskin powder or your new Urban Decay Naked palette so dear to your little heart, falls on the floor and by the sound of it, you know it’s broken. Well, fear not my child because yes it’s unfortunate but it’s not irreplaceable damage.  fix your cracked powder/eyeshadow 101. Pick up all the little pieces and put them back in the container it came in and smuch them with.. Read More