February 2015 – Lisa De Bonnet

Lisa De Bonnet

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Beauty Empties

I had never heard of this tag before watching EssieButton’s video on youtube, and after that I fell in the black hole that is youtube and all the beauty gurus who did this tag. I must say… I really like it. I’m usually not the kind of girl who follows each tag that goes around but I’m bowing down to this one! So here I go, writing down every product.. Read More

REVIEW: Stila Brow Colour


The title of this post might be misleading… This isn’t a real review! Usually, when I test out new products, I use them for a week or so, and post my opinion here, with swatches and pictures and the whole shabang! I totally wish I could rave about this product but sadly, I can’t. And you know what, when I saw this on Asos I was intrigued, because the product.. Read More