July 2016 – Lisa De Bonnet

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Flowers and Pastels


Hi you! I feel as if al the gods reunited to bless us with amazing weather these past few days! And the hot weather combined with the sales going on, needless to say, it’s been a mad house over here lately. I haven’t left the country yet so i’m not on vacay mode just yet, but seeing all your pictures of your holidays really made me itch to get away.. Read More



MY DAY AT DOUR FESTIVAL 2016 Two days before actually going to the festival i was wondering about my plans for the sunny Friday we had coming up. And FYI, if you don’t live in Belgium, we haven’t had a lot of sun lately so big plans had to be made. So during my workout, in between sets of crunches and squats actually, I decided to join a bunch of.. Read More