September 2016 – Lisa De Bonnet

Lisa De Bonnet

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surprise trip to Disney


The alarm went off at 4.30 am. I had no idea where my best friend, Axelle, was taking me. But at five I was in the car, ready for whatever the day would bring. About an hour later we were standing in front of a massive bus that would take us to Disney. So there I was, at 6 in the morning, hearing the word ‘Disney’ and realising I was.. Read More

One year later. #LoveTheSkinYouAreIn


*exhales nervously* This is probably one of the most honest posts i’ve ever written. I’ve never addressed this, as it has always been private,  but now I want to address it, and i’m doing it in a big way. So before I write my heart out, let me give you a little back story first. I never considered myself very pretty, from a little girl to a teenager. I’ve always.. Read More

Shopping by night.


On thursday me and two of my friends went all the way to Hasselt, which is quite a drive from Brussels, to go to the opening night of the ReFashion Days! Here are a couple of pictures from that evening. I scored the most beautiful bag, pictures soon, and my friend Lysiane, the blond one, got her hands on the most beautiful black purse! If she wasn’t my friend I.. Read More

once over fashion #REFASHIONDAYS


Hi you guys! Today I’m here to tell you guys about your plans for the weekend. If you aren’t up to anything yet, come meet me at the ReFashion event in Hasselt ! As a ‘fashion influencer’ – not my words, theirs – me and a bunch of your other favorite bloggers, TV-hosts and Misses are going to be there from Thursday to Sunday to sell our clothes! So Ii you’ve ever.. Read More