So the weekend started of with my phone buzzing. An public announcement by the police saying New York was about to get hit by a heat wave. I got that announcement on my way in the city.

I did as I know best, which was iced coffee on iced coffee and going about my day as I would have had.
Like last NYC post, check out the pictures I snapped and i’ll tell you more after!

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That marks the first heat wave day in the City. It was an absolute horror, not gonna lie.
It was so hot and humid outside, but I still decided to go out and explore! I wore a light summer dress and hopped in a taxi to go to Brooklyn so I could walk the bridge back to Manhattan.
Soaked but happy as I arrived back in Midtown I hopped in another cab and went to my hotel.

I booked a last minute room in a hotel called ‘Blue Moon‘ which – apparently – is one of New York’s hidden gemstones. And once I got to my room I could totally see why! I got a room on the top floor with the maddest view!
If you ever find yourself looking for a place to stay in the city, go there!
And at nightfall, the sunset was just beautiful don’t you think?

So now for my second day.
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The heat was au rendez-vous when I woke up so I decided to wear my new cut off short’s by Levi’s
and a plain white T – get it? –  to face the heat. I strolled down the pier at the Hudson Rived and sat in the sun reading for a while. It totally looked like I belonged there, which was nice.

So I obviously did a lot more, like go to the Top of the Rock and eat vegan salads and one dollar slices of pizza. Which you would know about if you follow me on my socials!

As always,
With love

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