Guess what? I’m going to the Brussels Fashion Days on saturday and this is how my lips will look like!
Wasn’t that the most interesting intro ever? yep!

I feel like I don’t stop talking about autumn but I mean, it is autumn. And I love autumn. Can it be autumn all year round?

I live in Belgium, which means I usually have a big winter and a rainy spring. That’s it, two seasons. If we want summer, we better pack our bags and get on a plane to get some sun rays.. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration. But it’s how we (I) feel sometimes (all the time).
But this year, my oh my, we have been blessed with the best Autumn ever! The sun is out in the day, a bit of a breeze here and there and colder nights.
This basically means we can enjoy the sweater weather, with a light summer top underneath that sweater 😉

Stay with me, i’m getting to the essence of this post.
Since the end of september, I’ve been keeping my light and pastel nail polishes and bright pink lipsticks in the back of my vanity’s drawers. And the dark reds and deep purples get a special little place in the front!


Today I wanted to show you my boldest look this Fall, that I created with two of my favourite MAC lipsticks! Dangerous and Smoked Purple, both in matte!

How did I get there?

First I lined my lips with the MAC Lip Liner ‘Redd’, and instead of lining my natural lip line, I get just a little over it to create an illusion of a bigger lip!
Then with a lip brush, I applied the Mac Lipstick ‘Dangerous’ in  matte all over my lips and once I got that exactly right, I took another lip brush and applied a small amount of Mac Lipstick ‘ Smoked Purple’ in matte in the outer corners and i took it in to the center, I blended it out with my ring finger to erase all hard lines! It’s that easy! Now go ahead and do it yourself. Seriously, go… Now!
Oh no wait!! Stay and hang out a bit, and then afterwards go and do it! Seriously now.


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