I had never heard of this tag before watching EssieButton’s video on youtube, and after that I fell in the black hole that is youtube and all the beauty gurus who did this tag.
I must say… I really like it. I’m usually not the kind of girl who follows each tag that goes around but I’m bowing down to this one!

So here I go, writing down every product I used, finished, put on my face, squirted on a brush, blended till gone and surely loved!

My make up collection is bigger than the usual girl has, and before I empty out and entire product, I really have to love it!
So there for, I absolutely love these products, and in true obsessive compulsive buyer form, I already have these products stocked, fresh from the shop!


I used up my all time favourite La Roche-Posay product, it is the Effaclar tonic for mixed skin!
I use it to remove make up from my face, feel fresher throughout a make up free day and so much more often you’d think!
My first ever brow product, the Benefit Gimme Brow, I restocked this one back in November when my first one wasn’t even empty yet, just in case! This is a true magic wand, with the fibers inside the product, it shapes and tints your brows in about 2, maybe 3 seconds!

My holy grail Mac product is the pressed blotting powder, my oh my, this must be my 7th or 8th one of these, I use it every day, even though I switched to the Bobbi Brown loose powder these days, I still have a never ending love for this one! I have a very oily skin so this one is pretty welcome in my handbag, all day, every day!
Another pressed powder is the Dior Nude in 20! I bought this last year and I must say, for the amount of product inside, I feel like this one lasted a very long time! There is a sponge inside, that I never used so this is where I start my direct message to Dior.
Hey there Dior people, first of all, thank you for reading my blog, and second of all, fill the entire packaging with your magic powder so I can enjoy it for a longer period of time. I thank you very much! 

My Estée Lauder Daywear cream is one I’ll use till the end of my days! I bought this travel sized tube for my trip to Hungary and took it with me to Miami last summer as well! I finished it just last week, and don’t you worry (the ‘you’ here, is evidently, me!) I have a full size on my dresser’s table waiting! Momma is coming!
My Benefit Porefessional is gone, and I cried my eyes out! I’m sure you saw these on every beauty blog and if you haven’t tried it out, stop reading right now, go to the Benefit shop and take one home! Ok so now you are back from the shop, do I really have to explain why it’s such an amazing product? Test it out for yourself!

My Dior Style Liner in Intense Black is my 3rd one of these, and if I didn’t love it, would I have bought it 3 times over? So obviously it’s amazing! I tested so many different liners, in gel, liquid or kohl and I must say, this one is the best liquid liner I tested so far! I’ll keep you posted if that changes.
Last but not least, my Stay Don’t Stray Benefit Concealer and Primer. As a 2 in 1, this product is really great, but my eyes were drawn to other concealers lately so I kind of forgot about this one, when our love rekindled, I used it till gone!
Honestly, it’s probably not all gone, but it has dried out! Note to self: don’t leave your babies unattended, they will dry out someday! 


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