I’m back in Brussels! I’ve been back for a little over a week now and boy-o-boy did real life hit me.
Not only is my tan fading away, I was practically hit over the head with my final exams this week.
So with one more exam I have to do, I thought a little break to take pictures would be the perfect thing.
So here are the pictures that the talented Julie Burguet took.
Also, there is a cool announcement at the end of this article.

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So as i’ve said in the posts about New York, I might have done a wee-bit-o shopping when i was over there!
And as it turns out, i’m wearing all new stuff.
The shirt is a little cropped and has the coolest asymmetrical print which i got at Topshop.
And god knows you can’t just buy one piece at Topshop and walk out. So these ‘Jamie’ denim jeans are mine now as well!

blue top / denim jeans  : TOPSHOP // Shoes : ASOS // Reversible bag : ZARA //
glasses : Aliexpress // Jewelery : (bracelet) TOPSHOP and (anklet) a little shop on a market in Thailand (thanks mom).

So now a little announcement, drumroll please,
I am an ambassador for the second edition of the #REFASHIONDAYS by Refashion !
Which means, on september 15 – 16 – 17 and 18, you’ll be able to shop my clothes in Hasselt.
Me and all your other favorite bloggers will be there so come by to shop ’till you drop.
Then pick yourself up again so we can chat and hang out!

As always,
with love,

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