* takes a deep breath*

This is a topic I’m either really passionate about or my mind just shuts down when I hear somebody talk about their flaws and all.
There is so much to say but sometimes I fear my thoughts aren’t worth your while because I’m going to tell you to love yourself but I don’t always do.

Every woman has her own journey to body confidence and if you are reading this and feel like you aren’t there yet, don’t worry, you’ll soon be there. I think I am here, but trust me, there was a lot of trial and error on my path to feeling okay in my own skin.

Let’s bring it back to basics, we are all born beautiful. Nobody looks at a baby and says “oh well she has a wonky nose” or “he has bad skin”. No mother or father will tell their baby that something is wrong with them, because nothing is.
It’s society that sets up these rules that make no sense. As we grow up we start to compare ourselves to other people, in real life or in magazines. And even tough we know that models in magazines are photoshopped, even I still look at them and feel less of myself.
It’s so easy to look at ourselves in the mirror and judge ourselves. And in my experience, 100 people can give me a compliment, when just 1 person says something negative about how I look, what I wear or how I walk, I’ll remember it for years. (Honestly, I still remember my brother telling me that with every step, the fat in my legs kept on shaking for a couple of minutes…yeah… Thanks bro, thanks a whole lot)

To get to the point where you feel confident about your body, you need to accept it. You (and me) have to accept that your body is your body. I know that my hips are wide, my upper arms are flabby and my butt is big. But I like my big butt and I like my hair and my face. My legs aren’t bad and I know I could tone my tummy with just a few exercices. (Memo to myself, I should do them more often.)

Be kind to yourself and rationalise. Deep down we all know exactly how we look (and you look good honey) so don’t be to harsh on yourself and if you want to compare yourself to other, be honest about it.
I have this friend who looks beautiful, all the right curves in all the right places and she’s bikini body ready all year round. Gorgeous blonde locks and a good face, but you know what… The grass is always greener on the other side. Which means you might think it’s better on the other side, but it isn’t.

And if you want to wear that body con dress, those short shorts à la Andy on The Ellen Degeneres Show or that crop top. You should rock it. And feel good about yourself for rocking it! Don’t let others decide what you should and shouldn’t wear. Don’t let others tell you how you should feel about yourself. Be happy and be you.


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