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Make Up: Disappointing products


I love seeing the favourite products of beauty bloggers or youtubers, and that tag has been going around for so long now. It’s so lovely to have little tips of people that you trust, make up wise! But recently i turned to other videos that really grab my attention. The ‘don’t believe the hype‘ and ‘disappointing products‘ blogposts or/and videos! I’ve seen Essiebutton, VivianneDoesMakeup and so many other gurus do.. Read More

Review: Foundations with Dior


I never wear liquid foundation. I usually start my day with a fresh BB cream by Estee Lauder, powder and I’m done. But seeing my tan fade away and being reunited with my pale skin, I thought it was time to get a good foundation to look..alive! I tested millions – nope, that’s not true – of foundations and my skin would always end up way too oily, way too early.. Read More

What’s in my Make Up Bag


     You all seemed to love my ‘What’s In My Bag‘ post so I thought I’d share what I carry around in my other bag all day! If you haven’t checked out that post, here you go This version will be a mix of my beauty essentials I definitely wear on a daily basis and thus carry around in my make up bag! I definitely don’t wear the same make.. Read More

Make Up Classics : Red Lips


A Red Lip. This has been around for ever and although this time a year we see a lot of different reds on the lips of the make up gourous out there, a basic red is always good. I love a good dark colour but maybe some of you aren’t that comfortable rocking a dark purple lip! So I’m here to tell you that a red lip looks good on.. Read More

From High End to High Street : moisturizers PART 1


I want to start this little segment on here, let me present to you, part one of my all time favourite moisturizers! If you have dry skin, combination skin or oily skin, you will find one product here that will fit you perfectly! I’ve always had quite and good skin, never had any bad break outs as a tween/teen. And I think I need to thank my mom for that, she.. Read More

Beauty: Thanksgiving Make Up Look


Thanksgiving is the best excuse to get drunk as fuck and be a fat fuck all day Wait what? This little quote came from a twitter account that, well.. that loves booze. So those aren’t my words! I mean – I wouldn’t be that explicit but, I get the point though 😉  Thanksgiving is around the corner and even though we don’t, usually, celebrate it as big as in the US, we.. Read More

Gift From Heaven: Kiehl’s Pore Refining Tonic


This one, ohhhh this one is a special one. I’ve always had a hard time finding the perfect skin care products and my oh my this lotion is right up my alley! I never had a bad skin but lately, me and my skin.. well we haven’t been best friends! So I picked up this little guy and it works wonders. Ever since I discovered La Roche & Posay, another.. Read More

Winter’s Perfume Picks


I’m sure you have your own favourite perfumes, and after seeing my picks, maybe you’ll be  like – ew, those do not smell good girl! Well I like them and I’ll be shimmying through them all winter. Since I’ve been back from Miami, this summer, I’ve really been changing up my scents. That’s mostly because I bought, like, 7 body mists at Victoria’s Secret… But I’m shifting to winter scents.. Read More

Look Du Jour: Chanel: Les 4 Ombres

chanel logo

  Les quatres ombres de Chanel. 38. Premier Regard   I’ve been so excited to try out this beautiful palette by Chanel. The colours are amazing as they are kind of sheer but still have great pigment in them. So you can build up the colours as much as you’d like! I went with a soft day look! As I don’t usually go for black in my shadows, I used.. Read More

Beauty: Autumn : Ombré Lips


Guess what? I’m going to the Brussels Fashion Days on saturday and this is how my lips will look like! Wasn’t that the most interesting intro ever? yep! I feel like I don’t stop talking about autumn but I mean, it is autumn. And I love autumn. Can it be autumn all year round? I live in Belgium, which means I usually have a big winter and a rainy spring… Read More