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I want more

If you came here because you’re interested to know what I want more of, you need to have a couple a extra hours, let me explain. And when I’m done explaining, let me know if you want this thing as well. And preferably, lots and lots of it! There are a lot of things I would like to see multiply, things like money and success. But today I feel like talking.. Read More

The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

I have tried the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, and ladies, take notes. Here are a couple of reasons why you shouldn’t try it out. When I first saw the pictures of the challenge on Twitter and Instagram I face palmed hard. What are these kids thinking? I even saw a girl who slit her top lip with this bullcrap! Excuse my language there… I started inspecting my lips in a.. Read More

Healthy Banana Bread Recipe


I’ve recently been added to a great little Facebook group called ‘Work That Body’ where a group of people share their fitness routine, their diets and so much more! Thus I feel like my new post should be a healthy one! My all time favourite thing to snack on is a piece of banana bread. You can make a loaf of this delicious yumminess with a couple of basic ingredients.. Read More

La Roche-Posay changed my skin


I started cleaning my skin at the age of 12 with the very known Clearasil Rapid Action Facewash, and then I got a Nivea Face wash, and although Nivea is my go to brand for moisturisers, it just doesn’t make the cut for my face. My dear, sensible face… About 3 years ago, my forehead started hating me, and went all fussy for no good reason! Why, forehead, why?! So.. Read More

Christmas Room Decoration


It’s officially December! Happy December to every single one of you! Can I get high fives all around for this please, thank you. You’d normally expect a Favourites post about the previous month, but I decided to show you my Christmas room decorations! If you read my previous posts, you could’ve guessed I’m pretty obsessed with Autumn. But about a week ago my excitement turned and I realised Autumn isn’t.. Read More

Travelling to Florida : Trip Of A Lifetime


I know this isn’t a travel blog, but these are the pictures I took and I’m pretttttty proud of them! I’ve thought long and hard about posting my private pictures on my not so private blog. But how about this as a nice compromise : I’m going to share with you guys, the places I’ve visited and things I’ve done; I won’t post pictures of us all hanging out at the pool.. Read More



I went shopping over the weekend. – basic statement. But I stumbled upon a new Lush Store near my house, so you could guess how excited I got. Obviously I went in and at first I got slapped in the face with all the wonderful smell of all the Christmas collection soaps! And then I noticed how crowded it was inside. I still managed to have a nice lady help.. Read More

Instagram : The Ones I Love


    These are my favourite instagram’ers! Do you recognise them? well…easy for you, their names are written on there… Before you learn about them, find out about me! All links to find these people are at the bottom of this post! Here they are…         Scott Disick a.k.a. Lord Disick : first of all, please can I have some of that? Thank you! He is funny,.. Read More

What’s in my bag ?


This has been so long overdue! Every one saw this tag all over the internet #teaminternet ,and hasn’t it been life changing? No really, it’s amazing what fits in there. It’s like Marry Poppins magic or something… So I know it’s been trending for ever but I’m just going to jump on the bandwagon – even if it’s a last minute jump – I made it! Here is what is.. Read More

DIY: Wall Decoration


First update in my DIY section! Welcome to you, right there, sitting in front of your computer. You beautiful you! I’ve been seeing these ‘Sweater Weather’ tags everywhere for about 2 or 3 years and I’ve been obsessed with them ever since. And even though I might be jumping on the bus very very late – like, running after the bus and finally getting on all red and sweaty- I’m.. Read More