It’s officially December!

Happy December to every single one of you!

Can I get high fives all around for this please, thank you.
You’d normally expect a Favourites post about the previous month, but I decided to show you my Christmas room decorations!

If you read my previous posts, you could’ve guessed I’m pretty obsessed with Autumn. But about a week ago my excitement turned and I realised Autumn isn’t all about berry lips and layering clothes but it also comes with fog, rain and a lot of freee-eee-eezing wind!
But with the turn of the month, my excitement is back on track! Again – high fives all around.

I wanted to show you how I get ready for Christmas, with a family that don’t countdown for Christmas since july. – 179 more days ’till Christmas, 178 more days ’till Christmas, 177 more days ’till Christmas,…
The house isn’t screaming Christmas so I’m gonna let it scream in my room!
I got all these gorgeous little things at Zara Home and Ikea! Except for the ‘Live Love Laugh’ thing-y, I got that one in a little shop in ‘Oostende’, a Belgian city on the coast.

I said the word Christmas 7 times already, – wait, 8 times. And I don’t even feel bad about it!
And I’m not gonna lie, with all the layering I’m doing this Fall, my room is a mess so before snapping all these pics, I had to do a little clean up sesh that lasted longer than I’d like to admit!

*Read below for some disclaimers*

In order of appearance  :
Bed Mantel
TV desk
Dressing table










You might be thinking a couple of things so let me clarify –
First of all, I know I shot a couple things twice that didn’t had to be there 2, but I like different focus points,
also, I know the pictures are shot in poor lightning but doesn’t that just add to winter’s charm?
And last but not least, if you think my golden Christmas (ah, 9, there you go, you, who was waiting for it) tree is crazy, well then you are crazy for thinking that!

Have the best holidays everyone!

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