Time for a life update.
Since i’ve moved to the city, the city of Brussels that is, there has been so much going on!
If you follow me on snapchat, you’ll know by now that i’ve started my exams, I got a little job on the side and i’m officially spending the summer in New York! I’m so excited to discover the big apple and finally be done with all these exams.

I missed updating you guys on here but there are a lot of outfit posts coming up and some collaborations as well!
And in the mean time, there is something exciting happening on my instagram page this week! I’m giving away the prettiest high-end make up products. Think ‘Yves‘ and ‘Christian‘.
Get it?

Oh and did you notice my hair keeps getting shorter and shorter? I’m obsessed with my new cut!
It’s easy and breezy.

As always, love


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