Ladies, this is honestly one of my all time favorite looks all year round, the Cut Creased eye look!

Yes it takes a while and a few fails to get it right, but mama when you get there.. it’s like eye-heaven, isn’t it?!
You get to play around with all different colours and textures …  sweet baby jesus that’s nice

Follow these easy steps for an on point eye game!

Step 1.

After applying a base to your eyelids, take the darkest shadow colour of your pick, draw a fine round line right above the crease on your eye lid. That is where your moving eyelid stops and right below your brow bone. Go ahead and blend that out upwards. Make sure you don’t apply the shadow below your line for the best effect!

Step 2.
 With a light brown/skin coloured shadow, you ahead and blend the dark brown upwards to your brow, for a natural fade! At this point you can highlight your brow if you’d like.

Step 3.
You can pick any colour to apply on your moving eyelid, i’d recommend using a much lighter colour for a pretty effect! If you want to, you can add some sparkled shadow in the middle of your eyelid for a more awake, girly finishing touch!


Find the products I used:

Eyeshadow: &
Eye Liner:
Mascara: &

Send me your all time favourite make up look! Pretty please

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