When I was younger, I really didn’t like applying polish on my nails. It started chipping really soon and if there is one thing I hate – strong word there- it is chipped nails. But for a while now I’ve been collecting the Dior Nail Polishes. I really enjoy them! They have an easy brush to apply the polish, shine a lot, have great coverage and stay perfect for a good amount of time!

I picked out these colours for a night out in a restaurant or a bar for with your friends or for with the guy you are dating! They are elegant, feminine and sexy!

‘Princess’ is a light pink with shimmer. Everything a princess needs really.
‘Gris Trianon’ is a soft grey that most definitely will get you some compliments!
‘Darling’ is a sweet darker pink, I really like the brightness of this polish.
‘Trafalgar’ is the perfect basic red! You can never go wrong with that one.
‘Perfecto’ is a bit out there but it is a really pretty colour in my opinion! It is a mix of dark blue, grey and black!







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