Two days before actually going to the festival i was wondering about my plans for the sunny Friday we had coming up. And FYI, if you don’t live in Belgium, we haven’t had a lot of sun lately so big plans had to be made.
So during my workout, in between sets of crunches and squats actually, I decided to join a bunch of my friends who were at Dour already.
When Friday rolled in I packed an overnight bag and hopped on the train.


Me and my girls – yes that’s a reference to the Gomez song – had a blast seeing Birdy Nam Nam, Fakear and so many more artists till the late -early- hours.

It didn’t come as surprise when I put an outfit together and it ended up being all black. So I topped it off with my long denim jacket by Zara. The distressed denim of the jacked went perfectly with the distressed denim of my short by Topshop. And to bring it all together I wore a lace up bodysuit, which might have been the worse idea I ever had. Going to the bathroom at a festival with a bodysuit isn’t exactly the most practical thing.

As always,
With love,


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