First update in my DIY section! Welcome to you, right there, sitting in front of your computer. You beautiful you!

I’ve been seeing these ‘Sweater Weather’ tags everywhere for about 2 or 3 years and I’ve been obsessed with them ever since.
And even though I might be jumping on the bus very very late – like, running after the bus and finally getting on all red and sweaty- I’m still getting on the bus so good for me.

I picked up a couple of attributes from different shops, I got a bulletin board from Ikea and everything else I got at AVA.
2 felt pens in ‘Sand’ and ‘Bronze’, 1 taupe fabric band (that I didn’t end up using), 1 colorspray in transparant glitter and wooden discs.

Once everything is glued on I recommend you wait at least 30 minutes before hanging it up. You don’t want any wooden discs to fall off so be patient with it.
And of course if you prefer other colours you can switch it up! Make it your own.

And when you are all done, it is time to start decorating it with whatever you like. You can put pictures or quotes or other store bought decorations.
I bought a wooden scented candle with it to put in my room for an ultimate Fall experience.









If you end up by making on of your own, be sure to send it to me! I’d love to see your version of it!

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