Imagine your expensive Diorskin powder or your new Urban Decay Naked palette so dear to your little heart,
falls on the floor and by the sound of it, you know it’s broken.
Well, fear not my child because
yes it’s unfortunate but it’s not irreplaceable damage. 

fix your cracked powder/eyeshadow 101.
Pick up all the little pieces and put them back in the container it came in and smuch them with a spoon in to loose powder
drip about a capful of drops of rubbing alcohol and stir it in to a paste. Don’t overdo it though!
Next, wrap a coin in to a tissue or a cloth and press into the product.

The alcohol will quickly evaporate and there you go. You’re product is in one piece again.

Easy right? Allow it to dry for about 24h before dipping your brush in.

 Quickest and easiest way to avoid a beauty meltdown!

Enjoy the new year my loves,

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