Hi you!


I feel as if al the gods reunited to bless us with amazing weather these past few days!
And the hot weather combined with the sales going on, needless to say, it’s been a mad house over here lately.
I haven’t left the country yet so i’m not on vacay mode just yet, but seeing all your pictures of your holidays really made me itch to get away too!

I’m leaving in less than a week and even though I haven’t packed anything yet, i’m so excited.
Three weeks in New York, if that isn’t music to your ears, i don’t know what is.
So because I’m going away for a little bit, I’m squeezing friend-time in whenever I can! So the other day, me and my roomie/bestie went for a stroll in the park when we decided to snap some pics.

Tshirt by Zara / Pastel Skirt by Pull and Bear / Shoes by Asos / Bag by Zara

Enjoy your vacation my sweeties!
As always
with love,


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