I went shopping over the weekend. – basic statement.
But I stumbled upon a new Lush Store near my house, so you could guess how excited I got.
Obviously I went in and at first I got slapped in the face with all the wonderful smell of all the Christmas collection soaps!
And then I noticed how crowded it was inside. I still managed to have a nice lady help me out!
This time, I wanted to change up what I picked up so instead of the bath bombs, I went for the cosmetic range.
Whilst choosing what I wanted to take home, I approximatively sneezed 48 times. I guess I had a little allergic reaction there. Thank god for all the tissues they have at arms length! – is that TMI? 


I got the Seanik solid shampoo. I’ve been really excited to try this one out!
I’ve heard good things about these lush solid shampoo’s so I’m giving it a go! I’ll let you know how I like it!
To go with the shampoo, I bought the Tropical Jungle conditioner! Also a solid one, and they’ve told me that this one doesn’t foam as heavily as the shampoo, which I like!
I’ve been desperate to try the lip scrub because my go to lipsticks are always matte, and nobody wants visible dead cells on their lips right?
I choose the Baiser Souflé, that is a salty coco sugar scrub! The woman at the register told me I could eat this right off my lips.. no thank you
After seeing this one go round on all blogs and YT channels, I wanted to test it out as well! The Cereal Killer fresh face mask! I tried it this morning and sweet mother of the world this is amazing! It left my skin feeling soft and smelling like vanilla! *gets a whiff of her own skin*

I picked up a body soap but it’s in use as I type this so I didn’t get the chance to include it in the pictures! It’s the most soft and creamy thing ever!
It’s the Sultana Of Soaps.

 Oh and also, I went shoe shopping! Cause ain’t nobody ever has enough shoes! 
I found this cute little pair of brogues at Zara.


If you didn’t figure out what is written on my new sweater (H&M). It says ‘Dear Santa, I want it all‘.
‘Cause that’s just the truth.

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