I want to start this little segment on here, let me present to you, part one of my all time favourite moisturizers! If you have dry skin, combination skin or oily skin, you will find one product here that will fit you perfectly!

I’ve always had quite and good skin, never had any bad break outs as a tween/teen. And I think I need to thank my mom for that, she always told me to use good products. And invest in something worthwhile! I know some of my skincare products are expensive but you only have one skin! – well no, you have thousands of layers of skin, but you know what I mean!
And as the weather is changing, I also change my moisturizers because my skin definitely is not the same in winter as it is in summer!

Wait! Before I go any further, I wanna play a game (if you know where that line comes from, 18 points for you, you smart one!)
Stop scrolling, reading or looking at the pictures, and comment down below if you can guess any of my picks, and tell me what your go to moisturizer is!


Did you play my game? Good game isn’t it? – yanno, i’m loads of fun!
Any way, time for the real stuff! I’m going to show you in two parts what I prefer to smear on my skin, here are my essentials, part 1!



Lierac Magnificence day & night cream, with a velvety finish. It claims to have a firming effect, leaves your skin radiant and is also anti-wrinkles! I feel like it’s a bit much in one cream, and I’ve learned that the packaging always oversells the products but this one actually does what it says. I sometimes feel my skin is left more oily than radiant but the cream works best on dry skin. – and my skin ain’t dry! Also a major plus, it comes with a little plastic ‘spoon’ so you don’t have to put your (dirty) fingers in the pot! That’s just super handy isn’t it? Approximately 50 euros.

Lancome Génifique youth activator it is a dermatologically tested concentrate! I only use it under my eyes because it’s not really a cream! yuh, it’s a concentrate, dummy! I’ve always liked Lancome and even if I don’t use this on a daily basis, I always love the feel of it after applying it! The contour of my eyes is just so soft! Approximately 75 euros.

Maria Galland 132 Precious Day Cream I’ve used this one the most out of all of them. Probably because it has SPF 15 in it, the finish on my skin is gorgeous and I really feel like my skin absorbs the product so quickly! It works as a perfect base for my foundation as well! I feel like I don’t even need to wear a primer anymore, so that’s great! This one also comes with a small spatula, and you guys, I never had a spatula with my cream but I have to say, I pretty much want to have one forever! It’s so much more sanitary! – germ freak here! Approximately 95 euros.

Vichy Liftactiv anti-wrinkle and firming care a cheaper alternative to all the above. It has SPF 15 in it, it is paraben free. I don’t know, can’t tell yet, if it is really anti-wrinkle but I definitely feel like my skin is pretty firm. I mean, I don’t have old people skin, but I feel a change so that’s good! This product is approximately 30 euros!

Come back tomorrow for part 2! 

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