If you came here because you’re interested to know what I want more of, you need to have a couple a extra hours, let me explain.
And when I’m done explaining, let me know if you want this thing as well. And preferably, lots and lots of it!
There are a lot of things I would like to see multiply, things like money and success. But today I feel like talking about social media and it’s followers. More specific, those on Instagram.
I want more Instagram followers.

Instagram really is my favourite app, I’m on it all the time. I find inspiration on it and I drool at the sights of those perfect girls with their perfect lives, at the beach, sipping coconut water, fresh from the coconut.
Whilst I’m scrolling through my feed, eating god knows what, lying on my couch doing nothing, I feel most at ease.
It’s really relaxing, you should try it.

Since october 2014, I wanted to switch up my own feed a little bit, make it a little more swish and pretty. None of those pixelated photo’s of my oven heated lasagna no more! And slowly but surely, people started following me. Not, like, on the streets or something, you know.
The amount of people following me started to rise and I loved it. People who didn’t know me, people who lived on the other side of the world wanted to see what pictures I would share.
So more and more I tried my best to put up pictures I would like, and pictures they would like. Everyday I seek out nice opportunities to take a good picture.

But what I noticed is that for every 10 followers I get, I lose 2. You know who I’m talking about, those people who follow and ten minutes later unfollow you. Why? Did they press the button by accident? Did they not like your content after all?
Do they follow you, so you would follow them, then they unfollow you? Are you still following?

Anyway, this really was an issue for me, I started to become obsessed with having more and more followers. I wanted people to like me, through my Instagram feed. Ridiculous right? Please tell me I’m not alone…
That feeling faded when I saw the new music video ‘Carmen’ by Stromae. I’m crazy about him and when my brother told me ‘You are not the amount of followers you have’, it hit me.

Why do I keep obsessing about this stupid thing. Why am I not happy with the people who are in my life, and why do I keep obsessing over the people in my virtual life?

Well, right now I’m fine with the number of people following me. I mean, yes I still feel a little sting when I see the amount of followers other people have, I mean, 10000 followers, come on! But let’s be happy with what we have, right?

Do you ever feel the same way? Please let me know I’m not a paranoid girl, obsessing over a banal thing! Pretty please



If you made it this far, here’s a little fact about me.
I like to watch reruns of old series. Right now I’m watching Season 1 of Gossip Girl.
Lonely Boy is not so lonely anymore, S and B are making up and breaking up their friendship as always, and as for Chuck and Nate, I still wouldn’t kick them out of my bed. If you know what I mean.

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