My week through the pictures I share on the Instagram app.


Instagram is my favourite app, I’m on it 24/7 and I post pictures everyday. It’s a personal page, but I think it’s pretty obvious I love make up, coffee, interior design, and coffee again.

Let me talk you through my snaps,
1: This morning I spend about half an hour at Starbucks, their sofa’s are the best and I just drink coffee, maybe do my nails and read a book. Perfect way to start the day.

2: I quote that made me giggle. “It’s like boys are the oscars and I’m leonardo dicaprio. It’s pretty funny and pretty accurate. I’ve always loved quotes, so once every few days, I share the ones I love! They don’t have a specific theme though!

3: Yesterday’s breakfast. Really fast, really easy, really yummy! Greek yoghurt, granola, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and fresh fruit. I used blueberries as it is my favourite fruit right now.

4: I go to the gym as much as I can, and afterwards I stopped for lunch at Exki this week. If you must know, I got a soup and a salad. Go healthy right?! I had lunch in a room with a beautiful ceiling with a gorgeous chandelier so I had to snap a picture really…

5: I met a friend in one of the busiest shopping streets in Brussels so evidently we shopped a little bit. I got these kicks by New Look. Black derbies with a white sole. I’m obsessed with them! And I’ve gotten plenty of compliments already. Happy feet, happy me!

6: Another quick stop at Starbucks on Monday to start the book I bought over the weekend, The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks. I’m almost done reading it and I couldn’t be sadder about it. He is my absolute favourite writer, I’ve read pretty much every book he ever wrote. True fan right here! A Maple Machiato to go with it, of course.


7: When I got my new book this weekend, I also got an entire new outfit at Zara, including this beautiful knitted sweater. It is cut open on the sides and is quite long. I love it, and if I could, I would wear it all day every day. I must say, I really had to be careful not to stain this baby.

8: Lunch on Saturday when we were out shopping. My neighbour got a 1000 euro gift certificate to go shopping, kindly invited us to go along to the mall, in a limousine if I might add. With the radio crew, we got lunch at Belgicanos in Louvain-La-Neuve. S/O to Chérie FM.

9: It was a long time since I wore my Dangerous Red Matte Lipstick by Mac so when I did, I snapped a pic. A school uniform look with curls and a red lip, what more could you want?

10: Dreaming away about this beach. Take.Me.There. NOW. Thank you

11: What I wore on my face. A little Dior, a little Mac and a little Benefit. If I say they make my day a little bit better, is that weird? No right…? I love a good face of make up.

12: Another quote by Drake this time. ‘Nobody really likes us except for us’.

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What did you do this week?


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