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These are my favourite instagram’ers! Do you recognise them?
well…easy for you, their names are written on there…

Before you learn about them, find out about me!

All links to find these people are at the bottom of this post!

Here they are…






Scott Disick a.k.a. Lord Disick : first of all, please can I have some of that? Thank you! He is funny, gorgeous and posts the best insta’s you’ll see all day!

Anja Bee: Maybe not the best known of them all but oh heaven does she have golden hands! She inspires me to get creative with my hair! Best hairdresser on the block, right there!

Song Of Style: Everyone knows her, Aimee, she is beautiful and has the best outfits, like, every single time! She’s wicked. She recently shared her insta-tips on her youtube page – find it here: – I’ll admit, I changed my game thanks to her!






The Ellen Show: Ellen, sweet dear Ellen, can we spend the day together? Me in you pocket or something..  You won’t notice me, I promise! You guys, she is my all time favourite person EVER! love love love her! If you don’t know her..What are you waiting for!? Google her! ASAP!

Shay Carl: Father of the Shaytards, everyone should watch them. They’ve started a youtube channel 5 years ago where he posts videos of his and his family’s life! Just the most precious, inspiring things! If you see one thing today, let it be Shay Carl, his wife and their 5 kids!

The Jarvie: Jarvie, you sweet photographer you! He is amazing at capturing moments, life’s joy and beautiful sunsets!



Zoe a.k.a Zoella a.k.a Zozeebo: She is an English girl, started making videos on YouTube in 2009 and grew out to be a great role model, a cute face to look at, and a perfect best friend!

Liene: A hairdresser, a make up artist, an optician and a blogger! Really, what could you ask for more? She posts hair styles, selfies and her favourite make up products!

Eline Rey: Expect the cutest selfies – just take a moment to look at that face – , expect “Outfit Of The Day – ootd” posts and since the winter is coming close, expect cups filled with hot chocolate, so much chocolate!

Links to check them out:

Song Of Style:
Ellen Degeneres:
Shay Carl:
The Jarvie:
Zoe Sugg:

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