Hi you guys!

How’s it been? I’ve been so busy the last couple of weeks with my exams and everything so it’s been a while.
Today I wanted to share with you guys, the most amazing little shop I discovered when I was on vacation in El Gouna, Egypt.
I just came back from a 10 day trip over there and in between laying on the beach and going swimming with dolphins, we went to the Marina to go window-shopping. That’s when we discovered Malaika.

We instantly fell in love with the place! The store has such a chill vibe, there are candles lit everywhere so it’s smells amazing, and everything is just so pretty!

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I immediately obsessed over their cushions. I’ve been totally into adding pops of colour with cushions lately so this was like being in paradise for a minute. Not only are their colours and prints to die for, but the quality of the fabric is simply amazing.

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The store is quite small but that just adds to its charm. They have the cutest corner filled with baby stuff! They have different collections of prints and colours, and the cool thing is, they make everything in different sizes so you can pick and choose your stuff as you like!

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These three items are probably my favourite items of the shop! Their candle, which smells like a tiny piece of heaven. I’m not so sure i like the print on the glass but the smell totally makes up for that.
Next is the most amazing make up bag. The right colours, a cute pompom at the zip and the perfect size! There where a lot of other prints but this one is my fave. It was 125 Egyptian Pounds, which is about 14 euros! So it’s totally affordable!
Lastly, they sell the softest towels and look at this pack of three. I’m all about presentation so the fact that they are neatly stacked like this totally does it for me! Sadly, I didn’t have enough space in my luggage to take these babies home!

They have a website where you can check out more of their stuff if you want to

Did you know about this brand? What’s your favourite piece?



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