This one, ohhhh this one is a special one. I’ve always had a hard time finding the perfect skin care products and my oh my this lotion is right up my alley! I never had a bad skin but lately, me and my skin.. well we haven’t been best friends! So I picked up this little guy and it works wonders.

Ever since I discovered La Roche & Posay, another really great skin care brand, I thought I had found ‘my’ perfect product. And yes I heard so much about Kiehl’s and how great it is and so on but I could never find it where I live, so when I travelled to Florida, pas summer, I went crazy on all the brands they have there!  And to who ever thinks  “don’t believe the hype”, you really should believe this one!



Kiehl’s is a brand that’s been around since 1851, founded in New York. Apparently Kiehl’s, is not just a great cosmetic/skin care brand, they say they’re a way of life. They always explain the product from A to Z when you buy it – lovely people there by the way – and you feel confident that it will actually change your skin for the better!

They have skin care / cosmetic products for men and women and for all skin types! So that’s a big



I got the ‘Kiehl’s Rare Earth Pore Refining Tonic’ that mattifies my skin and minimises my pores! This is truly all I need in my life right now – that’s a lie.
And I really REALLY like that there is ‘Amazonian White Clay’ in there. For no special reason, I just really like it!



Did you like my little book set up? I love all these books so much, and because the weather is perfect to stay in, in front of the fire and read a good book..
I tought I’d share my favourites!

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