Seasonal tones for life.
I’ve been mixing and matching layers since october rolled in, and this might be my favourite look so far! I’ll tell you a little more about this look after all the pictures. Which are taken by my forever favourite photographer -you know who by now- Julie Burguet.

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I am wearing velvet black boots that I found at New Look. Which I’ve totally been loving lately. I haven’t worn heels in such a long time and these heels made my question everything! I’m wearing a black slip dress by Hollister combined with a long oversized sweater by H&M. I feel like they have the best winter sweaters! I always buy a couple every once and a while during these cold months! If you are looking for a good sweater right now, I definitely recommend you going to H&M. I bought this one in beige, grey and blue! Yes once I like a piece of clothing, I buy it in bulk – don’t judge.
The long coat I’m wearing in the picture is a vintage coat that my great-grandmother gave me. She had it hanging in her closet and I fell head-over-heels for it! I’m also wearing the most gorgeous anchor bracelet by Paul Hewitt that matches this outfit like a dream.

Fun fact about this shoot : We were in a little alleyway in the centre of Brussels, lost in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city and for the time we were there, 2 other people were shooting outfit pictures as well. I’m applauding Julie for pulling of taking pictures of me with 5 people in the background and managing to not get them in the shot. She’s the best !

That’s all for today. But I have something else planned for you guys! All will be revealed soon…


This article is my way of taking part in the Zalando Creative Content Awards.


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