Hi you!
I made it to the city that never sleeps so i’m sharing some of the pictures I took so far.
If you don’t know, I went to New York by myself so no outfit pictures in this post!
I got too shy to ask strangers to OOTD me.
So have a look at what I saw and i’ll meet you at the end to tell you some more.

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So there you go, a couple of snaps of my first day EVER in New York City.
If you follow me on my social media – please do – you would have seen me strolling around Times Square, 5th Avenue and more cool places.
I got lunch at Shake Shack, and you guys, it looks pretty on the picture but wasn’t actually that good.
I order so much food but ended up eating not even half of it!

I also went all the way up to the Upper East Side, sat on the steps of the Met – XOXO – yes that was a Gossip Girl reference. I chilled in Central Park and walked to the Hudson River.
I rented a CityBike and cycled from the Upper West Side to Midtown, which was probably one of the most dangerous things I’ve ever done.

 I’ll be back next week with my adventures in Harlem, Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn so stay tuned.

As always,
With love,

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