This is a trick you should be using but aren’t.
To have the most radiant skin you should follow this little rule. It’ really makes all the difference!
This is definitely not for everyone as some of you don’t need as much coverage and maybe you don’t have time to apply the MPFCP trick each morning!


MPFC stands for Moisturizer, Primer, Foundation, Concealer, Powder.
You should apply your make up in these steps.

First of, moisturize your skin, you should find the perfect product for your skin type and it’s always good to have some SPF in it! I use the Maria Galland 132 precious day cream.
get some sun protection on there!
If you have done that, you can go in search of the good primer for you. I have been using the Benefit Porefessional for ever now and I love it!
I have a love hate relationship with foundation as I hate it in the Spring/Summer but cannot live without it in Fall/Winter! I recently purchased the DiorSkin Nude foundation and I absolutely love it! So next step is applying the right foundation that matches your skin tone
Conceal if you need to, under your eyes and on your imperfections! I always go for a tint lighter under my eyes than my foundation to have that awake look! My go to concealer is the Mac NW15 moisture cover.
A good powder is probably the best thing to have in your make up bag. I have one on me at all times to avoid an oily T-zone! It always pops up at noon or so, a sneaky nose powder is perfect for me! There are two kinds I really love, the Bobbi Brown Sheer finish loose powder, and the Make Up For Ever translucent powder!


Again, you don’t have to follow each of these steps, but follow them in that order and your skin will love you!
There are also a lot of other steps to, for exemple, prep your skin before applying any other make up. If you’d like to see any of these on the blog, keep me posted!

I think this might the last post on my blog ’till after my exams, so I hope this was a good one, and if I organise myself well, you might see another post up, who knows really? Until then be sure to follow me on Instagram to keep up with me!

The products I use are the ones that fit my skin, so before you go and buy the exact same ones, know that all skins do differ so pick what fits yours!

Have yourself a merry Christmas and a good New Year!



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