My week in instagram pictures form.

Hi babes
I’ve been rather busy this week, in my personal life and in my professional life.
That’s right, I have a professional life now! How cool is that?
I just started my third week on the internship and I have to say, I didn’t think it would be this fun and easy!

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Here’s a look back on the things I’ve done last week



Ended last week on a high note. I stayed in bed for hours, got myself the biggest cup of coffee and did my makeup while some youtube videos played in the background. YAS LIFE


My favourite quote of the week. I captioned it: I FUCKING LOVE FRIDAY.
‘Cause I’m funny like that.



On thursday I had to work late so my boss said I should get some food delivered to the office.
So SushiOui’s hotline blinged! Their sushi is so yummy! If you live near Brussels, you have to get it!



On Wednesday we wear pink? Damn I didn’t get the memo.
I went for my trusted white converse and my blue jeans.
There is no better combo in the world.


Except for this combo then!
I put on my christmas socks and got coffee in bed! I also discovered this months BIRCHBOX!
Oh stop it you clever birchbox you, 5 amazing products in a clutch for the holidays.
I give you 8 cool points!



And last but not least, I was gifted some of my favourite magazines on the job,
so I took a little break to fix my make up and get some me-time in!



What did you get up to this week?
Leave your instagram in the comments below, so I can check them out!



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