Hej, gissa var jag köpte min nagellack hållare?
No not in Sweden, you silly you! But it’s pretty close, I bought them at Ikea! So that’s practically like going to Sweden right?


I have been an Ikea kind of girl my whole life, even though I absolutely love the little interior design and decor shops! But I have to admit, every item in my room can be found at the swedish store… Hello there originality!
I choose the Hemnes dressing table with mirror to store my make up, as I found this little one really cute! You’ve probably seen this everywhere on youtube and on other beauty blogs! I have loved it for about four years but as my make up collection kept growing stronger, I had to move my stuff around to make place for my new babies!
I chose this display option for my nail polishes, it’s the Ribba Picture Ledge, because I’ve seen these on DIY videos online and I’ve loved them for as long as I could remember. I can picture myself watching those videos and wanting to have enough polishes to have this on my wall! When I was younger I had, like 2 ou 3 colours so now that I have around 6O, it’s about time I show them off! Yes, I know I show them off to myself, in my own room…


I decided to separate the Dior polishes from the rest of them, because Dior. And I mean, look how pretty the colours are, all aligned from light to dark. I did good didn’t I? Yes I did! 








Which one is your favourite nail polish colour and brand?
Let me know in the comments below!



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