I’ve been dreaming about changing up my hair and as many of you know, i often cut my hair myself.
Why do you ask? Well, just picture me scrolling on Pinterest looking at these amazing hairdo’s, which inspires me so i just get up, grab the scissors and go at it. Fortunately for me, it usually turns out great.

But this time around, I went to see a professional and boy oh boy did they do an amazing job ! I went to the Atelier in Woluwe. So if you even find yourself in need of a cut, just go there and ask for Chedley.

Pictures taken by Julie Burguet Photographie
Not only is she absolutely beautiful but she is also very talented and i’m lucky to call her a friend!
Go check out her Facebook page, where she shares her best work.

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I’m obsessed with my new cut,how do you like it?

As always,
with love

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