Before you read this, know this is my first time ever putting my personal thoughts in words and on my blog, but this little blog is my zone and space. So I thoughtWhy Not?”


Do you feel bad when you go a out with no make up on?
Do you feel bad when your bare skin is exposed to the world?
Do you feel bad when you see a girl with a whole face of make up and you’re just there like *sigh* *I should’ve at least fill my brows*

Yeah, I’m there with you.

I, sometimes, don’t wear make up during the day. When I just have class and couch hanging in the evening.
Should I wear make up because I blog about it? Or because I have so much make up in my collection? Or because people in my school know i’m a beauty blogger?  Would they think it’s weird if the one girl who claims to know a bit about it, doesn’t even wear make up when she leaves her house?

I’ve been thinking about that a lot – and i’ll admit, i did feel bad when I went to school with my face still in my dressers’ drawers. And it made me realise I have some products I just can’t live without! I think I’ll always need that brow pencil and that blotting powder! But it did raise a couple of questions…
Would people judge me? Or would they understand that some days – and not only “No Make Up Day” – that I like to sleep-in in the morning and just show off my bare beautiful skin.
Or maybe they would think that ‘Hey, that’s a brave girl, for showing up at school with nothing on her face’.

Not to start a whole other debate here, but since when do people have to be ‘brave’ to not wear make up. People need to believe more in themselves and not hide behind a foundation or mascara.

I wear make up, not to hide my skin, my spots and my dark circles. I wear make up because I love how I can, almost, transform my skin and create looks with those simple products.
I wear make up because I like spending an hour in front of my dressers mirror and build up the colours of my face. Not because i’m not confident.

So maybe I shouldn’t feel bad for not wearing make up, maybe I should just go on with my day, not caring how the rest feels about it, because i’m okay with it.

Your make up doesn’t define you, your skin doesn’t define you.

You define you.

Not to prove any point here but I just thought it would be a nice touch;


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