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Christmas Decorations 2015


Another year, another post about me decorating my house for Christmas! Now, I haven’t been feeling very christmasy with the weather and all. So I didn’t have the urge to put up a tree and decorate it all pretty and cute but when I realised Christmas is less than a week away, I quickly got my ishhh together and jumped on the Christmas Bandwagon. Join in you guys, it’s fun!.. Read More

My Week In Instagram Pictures


My week in instagram pictures form. Hi babes I’ve been rather busy this week, in my personal life and in my professional life. That’s right, I have a professional life now! How cool is that? I just started my third week on the internship and I have to say, I didn’t think it would be this fun and easy! Before you continue reading, be a dear and follow me on.. Read More



Another weekend has passed, what did you get up to? I went shopping on saturday, because I mean, what else is there to do on a saturday, really? And on sunday I was typing this! I also spend some time with family which is always nice. I saw everyone on Instagram celebrating ‘Sinterklaas’. Unfortunately he didn’t come to my house to leave my presents and chocolats, but that’s okay because.. Read More

PLOG: Monday makeup

HAPPY MONDAY! Here’s what I put on my face this morning! I used La Roche-Posay Toleriane Teint Mattifying mousse foundation on my face, which by the way, is the most mattifying foundation i’ve ever used! I totally recommend it! Then I did my brows with the Benefit Gimme Brow gel. I contoured my cheekbones with the Kiko Bronzing Powder and applied some Chanel Powder Blush in 160 Innocence. A little.. Read More

10 Best Lipsticks for Winter


Hi lovely ones! How have you been? I’ve missed posting here so much but i’ve been crazy busy! So today i wanted to treat you guys to one of my obsessions! Lipsticks for the wintertime, you know, those cold days when you just want to cuddle up and watch Netflix ( i’m recommending making yourself a hot cup of chocolate milk and binge-watching friends. *oh yes*). Anyway, this isn’t always.. Read More

10 Things I Want For My 22nd Birthday


I’ve always been the kind of girl who says what she wants, when she wants to say it. I don’t have a filter, and sometimes thats good, sometimes not so good. But hey, live your life as your true self right? So here is my #nofilter list of what I want for my 22nd birthday. Now, if you don’t know me, don’t feel obliged to give me any of these, but.. Read More

Body Confidence

* takes a deep breath* This is a topic I’m either really passionate about or my mind just shuts down when I hear somebody talk about their flaws and all. There is so much to say but sometimes I fear my thoughts aren’t worth your while because I’m going to tell you to love yourself but I don’t always do. Every woman has her own journey to body confidence and if.. Read More

Unbox the Birchbox


 Disclaimer: I purchased this box with my own money. This isn’t in any way sponsored by Birchbox. Now that that’s out of the way… Hi ladies! I got my box today and I thought it would be fun to open it with you and discover what’s inside. If you don’t know the concept of Birchbox, here is some context. Birchbox was invented by two very smart ladies called Hayley and.. Read More

WednesDiary : Shopping

This is a new thing I’m starting on this little blog of mine, instead of writing reviews, or showing you what I bought, i’m going to talk about my experience whilst doing these things. Today’s topic? Shopping. I’ve been doing loads of that these last couple of weeks, so if I have been MIA, not responding to calls or texts, you can be hella sure i’ve been strutting around town.. Read More

Writers block.

It’s 1AM. I’m in bed tossing and turning, thinking about my blog. Thinking about how I haven’t posted anything in such a long time. Wondering why. This isn’t a thought that just crossed my mind on this monday evening. I’ve been wondering for a couple of weeks now. Should I stop writing? I call myself a beauty blogger. But am I still a blogger if I haven’t written anything in nearly.. Read More