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I want more

If you came here because you’re interested to know what I want more of, you need to have a couple a extra hours, let me explain. And when I’m done explaining, let me know if you want this thing as well. And preferably, lots and lots of it! There are a lot of things I would like to see multiply, things like money and success. But today I feel like talking.. Read More

You Can Never Go Wrong With Dior


Hi little ones! If you follow me on Instagram, and please do, you’ll know I’ve been shopping at Dior and came home with some of the most beautiful products! You can never really go wrong with Dior can you? I picked up five items and I’m already totally obsessed with them. The first thing I absolutely needed was a new loose powder, as my forever loved Bobbi Brown powder came.. Read More

The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

I have tried the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, and ladies, take notes. Here are a couple of reasons why you shouldn’t try it out. When I first saw the pictures of the challenge on Twitter and Instagram I face palmed hard. What are these kids thinking? I even saw a girl who slit her top lip with this bullcrap! Excuse my language there… I started inspecting my lips in a.. Read More

Nail Polish Display


Hej, gissa var jag köpte min nagellack hållare? No not in Sweden, you silly you! But it’s pretty close, I bought them at Ikea! So that’s practically like going to Sweden right? I have been an Ikea kind of girl my whole life, even though I absolutely love the little interior design and decor shops! But I have to admit, every item in my room can be found at the.. Read More

Spring lips with Shiseido


If you know me, you know a good matte lipstick is my go to lipstick choice. And that hasn’t changed really but for spring I wanted to change things up a bit. And so I did, with Shiseido. Shiseido (chi-sjei-do) has beautiful beauty products including make-up, skincare, fragrances and so on. Yes it’s a tad more expensive than the mac lipsticks but they are totally worth it. Shiseido has it’s.. Read More

Instagram: My week in photos


My week through the pictures I share on the Instagram app. Instagram is my favourite app, I’m on it 24/7 and I post pictures everyday. It’s a personal page, but I think it’s pretty obvious I love make up, coffee, interior design, and coffee again. Let me talk you through my snaps, 1: This morning I spend about half an hour at Starbucks, their sofa’s are the best and I.. Read More

Spring Beauty Musthaves


If you know me, and you’ve been reading my posts for a while, you know I get crazy obsessed over every season, and I say I love Fall and Winter but you guys, I really love Spring as well. Oh and add Summer to the list please! And since Spring is around the corner, let me share my make up must haves for this time of year. Wait, give me.. Read More

Healthy Banana Bread Recipe


I’ve recently been added to a great little Facebook group called ‘Work That Body’ where a group of people share their fitness routine, their diets and so much more! Thus I feel like my new post should be a healthy one! My all time favourite thing to snack on is a piece of banana bread. You can make a loaf of this delicious yumminess with a couple of basic ingredients.. Read More

La Roche-Posay changed my skin


I started cleaning my skin at the age of 12 with the very known Clearasil Rapid Action Facewash, and then I got a Nivea Face wash, and although Nivea is my go to brand for moisturisers, it just doesn’t make the cut for my face. My dear, sensible face… About 3 years ago, my forehead started hating me, and went all fussy for no good reason! Why, forehead, why?! So.. Read More

Beauty Empties

I had never heard of this tag before watching EssieButton’s video on youtube, and after that I fell in the black hole that is youtube and all the beauty gurus who did this tag. I must say… I really like it. I’m usually not the kind of girl who follows each tag that goes around but I’m bowing down to this one! So here I go, writing down every product.. Read More