This topic.. we can talk about it for days as it is such a big thing in our society.
When we see a small-to-thin-to-anorexic model we all have different thoughts.. Some might feel envious for those bodies they don’t have, others maybe feel repulsed by these ultra thin girls with their bones sticking out..

Well, as many of you, I have an opinion as well.
I think photoshop is good for a couple of things, but to alter a body to make it perfect is ridiculous. first of all, nobody has a perfect body, everyone will always have insecurities and flaws. But it is our duty to stop creating these bodies that don’t exist.
It is not only bad for us, it is bad for the tweens and teens and for our children who’ll live in the same society.

The other day, I overheard a woman saying ‘oh, look at the model in this picture, she is so thin, she’s obviously been photoshopped’ and her friend said ‘Yeah that’s so obvious, oh well..whatever, I mean, what can we do, right?
This is where I can’t take it anymore. We, apparently, live in a society where we have no power to change anything.
That is so untrue! I can’t stress it enough, Why is it possible that young girls feel bad, stop eating or even self harm because they look at these bodies and the pressure of society to be thin, to be perfectly pretty..

We can all make a change, if we change together. How? Well maybe stop buying the magazines with the anorexic photoshopped models. Or maybe we can encourage the normal models (Those that are called ‘plus sized’, yeah they are not plus sized)

And photoshopping the models we see everywhere encourages girls and boys to photoshop their body when they share pictures on Instagram or Facebook. There are even ‘Skinny Apps’ … – really now?
And people get good at it, it’s so believable, when we see their pictures we are in awe of their beauty, but then in real life, they look nothing like their pictures… Seriously guys, don’t photoshop yourself.

Why do we want to look a certain way?
Why do we think about the looks of a certain person and thinking we want to look the same and we’re not happy with the way we look?
Why do we want to look like others and why are we not happy with ourselves and the difference we bring?

Why do people look in a magazine, knowing they can not attain that certain ‘ideal’ but still feel bad about themselves?
If you are photographed by a professional photographer who says exactly how your hair should lay, what your make up should look like, how your body must stand. After all that, a Photoshop expert comes in an erases all your imperfections, what is truly left over of the real you?

The ideal that is formed by the society we live in does not exist.

So there. My thoughts on this matter.
How do you feel? Do you photoshop yourself in your pictures? If yes, then, why?

Let’s talk!

Lastly, a quote from a song by a woman you might know. She sang ‘Same Love’ with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on their latest album ‘The Heist’.
“ I know girls who are trying to fit into the social norm like squeezing into last year prom dress “


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