I never wear liquid foundation. I usually start my day with a fresh BB cream by Estee Lauder, powder and I’m done. But seeing my tan fade away and being reunited with my pale skin, I thought it was time to get a good foundation to look..alive!
I tested millions – nope, that’s not true – of foundations and my skin would always end up way too oily, way too early in the day.
The foundation would not smooth out my skin but it would dry up in weird patches and look like I’ve just went jogging in my little T-zone area.
Who knows what I’m talking about here?

Well, I finally got a foundation I’m actually very happy about! I got both the Diorskin Nude and Diorskin Star foundation in 22.
They both have a very different consistency so here is my little review about them!


Dior Skin Nude Teint Eclat Effet Peau Nude. Wow, that’s a mouthful, but you guys, It’s really worth it and, I mean, you don’t have to say it before wearing it! But I think you should at least try it if you have an oily skin. Definitely apply a good moisturiser beforehand and you’re good to go!
This products is so lightweight, so you won’t feel like you have a cake face at noon! Which is basically what you’re looking for here. I got it in ‘Camée 22‘ because my skin is really pale but they have pretty much any shade you need! I like my face a little warmer and bronze so I definitely go in with a bronzer afterwards which is good, ’cause this product is very buildable! Also, it has SPF 15. nice


 Diorskin Star Teint Studio Lumière Spectaculaire PA ++. Again, that’s a whole lot to say. This foundation has fuller consistency but still blends in your skin beautifully! After a good blend and some powder your skin does look flawless! I also got this in ‘Camée 22’ but the colour is a tad darker. This products is a bit more professional so it’ll be used more often in a studio – duh it says it in the name –  so the lights already light up your skin! It has a nice matte finish to it and I practically don’t need any concealer with this foundation! *oooh the coverage*
This one comes with SPF 30! Now this doesn’t mean you can wear this to the beach instead of sunscreen but it’s great for your skin protection on a sunny day!


For the swatch crazies out there, here are both of the foundations on my hand! I can hear your cheers already!
(star on top, nude on the bottom)

Also, on a crazy day, I mix both on the top of my hand for the best of both worlds! 

Now, they are expensive, so if you are currently using one that might be better than this one, do let me know!
You can comment below or send me a message on Twitter or Instagram! Let’s be friends! 

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