The title of this post might be misleading… This isn’t a real review!

Usually, when I test out new products, I use them for a week or so, and post my opinion here, with swatches and pictures and the whole shabang!
I totally wish I could rave about this product but sadly, I can’t.

And you know what, when I saw this on Asos I was intrigued, because the product looked good but I hadn’t read anything about it by my fellow beauty bloggers. But it still tickled my pickle and I added it to my chart and checked out!


Two days later, a package arrives at my door and I start tearing up the cardboard box as a crazy woman to find a cute little packaging inside! I immediately try it out and I have to say, I loved it!
The result was super natural and exactly my colour, so I was happy. And the next day, I leave my Benefit Gimme Brow on my dressing table and go for my new and beloved Stila ‘Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color’ in the colour ‘light’, and again, I am amazed by this little pencil and I congratulate myself for this little purchase!

But then…

Third day of the week I go for a make up free day, so nothing but sweet moisturiser hits my skin that day. And don’t you worry I got right back on the chaise of my dressing table and start applying my make up.
I get to the brows and go for my still new and still beloved brow pencil, and I feel like the colour isn’t as pigmented as it was when I first used it.
I study the packaging but see no where to twist or push so that the product can come out…


At this point I’ve tried shaking, pushing the bottom, pressing the applicator and much more.. Nothing!
So I had about two good used out of this one, and it wasn’t worth the money at all!

I’m not pleased at all and I’m sad because I really wanted to love this one!
So I’m going back to my other brow babies that patiently wait in my drawers for me to use them again.. oh boy they must’ve missed me!


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