On thursday me and two of my friends went all the way to Hasselt, which is quite a drive from Brussels, to go to the opening night of the ReFashion Days! Here are a couple of pictures from that evening.

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I scored the most beautiful bag, pictures soon, and my friend Lysiane, the blond one, got her hands on the most beautiful black purse! If she wasn’t my friend I would have yanked that baby out of her hands!

And because I finally wanted to introduce a couple of my bestest friends to you guys, here is the picture we took at the event !

Value Retail - Refashion - BE
Value Retail – Refashion – BE

There are 2 more “ReFashion” days, so check my previous post for more information and go go shop to your hearts desire!

It was so cool seeing you guys trying on my clothes, and even if it was super hot in there, we had a good time!

As always,

with love,


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