If you know me, and you’ve been reading my posts for a while, you know I get crazy obsessed over every season, and I say I love Fall and Winter but you guys, I really love Spring as well. Oh and add Summer to the list please! And since Spring is around the corner, let me share my make up must haves for this time of year.
Wait, give me a minute to get rid of the million of layers I’ve been wearing throughout the winter… There, dressed in skinny jeans with a sheer top, I’m finally at ease. aaah.

I haven’t been crazy busy finding the perfect dark lipstick this Winter, and I haven’t been wearing the darkest looks when it comes to my face. So the Winter craze didn’t get to me but I feel it wearing off on the people around me. And as I’m typing this I can hear the birds outside my window singing, and I feel pretty chique with my red lipstick on, so all in all I’m in a good spring-y mood!

As the temperatures changes, the make up I use on a daily basis changes as well, and here are the things you can find in my make up bag this season.


I know I’ve talked about this product before, not in the best way, but I’m kinda glad I didn’t gave it to one of my friends. This Mac Mineralise Charged Water is actually nice on a warm day, when you go make up free, just a little spray on the face really refreshes my face and moisturises my skin! Good on me for being patient with this one!

I had the Benetint for about a year and a half and even if it’s a lip AND cheek stain, I mostly just use it on my lips, but it really lasts long and feels super light and natural on. So I’m pretty happy about this one as it is just the perfect pink-y red colour for spring!

Even though I don’t use the Benefit stain for my cheeks, I like them to have a pop of colour as well, I absolutely love, and recently rediscovered it in the back of my dressing table, the Benefit Rockateur. An amazing shimmery blush that I can’t believe haven’t used every day of my life already!


Can you tell I love the products by Benefit? 

Last but not least, I couldn’t live without a good eyeshadow palette and I just know this one is going to be the winner! I’ve had it for a little less than a year but the colours in this palette are amazing! Very versatile and buildable! I love the matte and the shimmery colours! I practically use every single shadow in here so ding ding ding we have a winner! It’s the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. My favourite colours are Dust, Nooner, Trick and Darkside.
What are yours?


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