If you know me, you know a good matte lipstick is my go to lipstick choice. And that hasn’t changed really but for spring I wanted to change things up a bit. And so I did, with Shiseido.

Shiseido (chi-sjei-do) has beautiful beauty products including make-up, skincare, fragrances and so on. Yes it’s a tad more expensive than the mac lipsticks but they are totally worth it.
Shiseido has it’s roots in Japan but they expanded worldwide am I’m very very okay with that!
I recently got four lipstick in their ‘Perfect Rouge’ collection and I totally love the rich pigments and the creamy texture moisturises my lips all day long.


The names of these lipsticks are just the best, the names and the colours match me perfectly.

The Natural Wine lipstick has a sheer tint to it, and it is really soft on the lips. It doesn’t feel like a lipstick actually, more like a lightweight moisturiser. So that’s just great.
The Ariel lipstick is pretty similar in texture as the Natural Wine one, a soft glossy tint. But again a really great colour. I’m sure I’ll get good use out of this one!
The Bubblegum lipstick really resembles the Ariel one in colour but they don’t have the same texture at all. This one is much more pigmented and feels like a real lipstick on the lips. Still as moisturising though!
The Fuchsia lipstick is not fushia, it’s a pink and purple mix which is so original and a great colour for spring and summer. Rich in pigments and this one lasts a surprising long time, considering it’s very moisturising.



So all in all, I think these colours are really great, and as a said before, yes they are really expensive if you are not a beauty craze as I am, but they have great value for money. You could obviously find a nice dupe for these products and if you do, please let me know because I’m going to use them up real fast.
But if you do go crazy of beauty products and you have the budget, well then splurge on a nice lipstick by Shiseido, you’ll love it, I promise.

I now have 5 lip products by this brand so here comes my personal message to Shiseido.
Hi there, how are you. Good? Me too! So, I love your beauty products, so send me whatever whenever.
Well, thank you very much. Hear from you soon then.

Which is your favourite colour?
What is your all time favourite lipstick?


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