The last part of the mini series in London. This time we’re in Notting Hill!
Check out part one and part two if you haven’t already!
Before I get started, I just wanted to say I truly had the best time, I’ve always wanted to go there and the time we’ve spend there couldn’t have been any better.

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On our last day we took the tube to Notting Hill.
Well it wasn’t that simple actually, we took the wrong tube getting there. twice.
But we made it and the sun was out so I popped on my sunglasses that I got the day before in West End.
You’ll have seen the sunglasses already if you follow me on snapchat (@Lisadebonnet).
Don’t let the glasses fool you, it was actually freezing so my oversized turtleneck was very cherished on this day!

We stopped for coffee in Apostrôphe and had an impromptu little photoshoot in front of the famous white houses of Notting Hill. We strolled through the neighbourhood and suddenly found ourselves at Hyde Park. So we went in and walked all the way over to the Marble Arch. And for the last part of our day we finally went shopping on Oxford Street, Hello Topshop.
Lastly we went for mexican food in Picadilly Circus and let me tell you, the walk home with our hands full of clothing bags and our tummies full of mexican food was quite a spectacle.

Again, the pictures are taken by the beautiful Axelle Museur
Say hi to her on instagram !

As always,
with love


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