This is a new thing I’m starting on this little blog of mine,
instead of writing reviews, or showing you what I bought, i’m going to talk about my experience whilst doing these things.
Today’s topic? Shopping.
I’ve been doing loads of that these last couple of weeks, so if I have been MIA, not responding to calls or texts, you can be hella sure i’ve been strutting around town shopping for bits and bobs.
And some days are good days, I feel confident and good about myself and things go smoothly.
But other days, all I see are my flaws, I start perspiring in those little changing rooms and nothing fits right.

So in my many years of trial and error, I have come up with a little handy guide to shopping. You might think it’s easy as 1 2 3, go out of the door, step in to the shops and just…shop. Well uh uh honey, there’s a lot more to it.

It all starts when you haven’t even left the door yet. How to dress, you might think you those strappy flats or zipped at the back dress are a good idea but once you get to that poorly lit changing room and you have one square meter to change, you’ll curse yourself for that rookie mistake! (pink flats, i’m looking at you!)

There are a couple of things you should always have in your purse when you go out for a little shopping spree. I know you are thinking of your credit card right now, and I mean, yeah du-uh don’t forget that, you dum-dum, but almost equally as important, bring a bottle of water and a small snack. You don’t want to be a hangry dehydrated mess in your favourite store! I know I’ve been there! (Again, Zara, I apologise, it wasn’t you, it was me! I still love you with all my heart)

So now you’ve got the comfy clothes down, your tummy isn’t rumbling no more, make sure you get this last thing down. Don’t be in a rush. Make some time to look at the goodies in the shop instead of running around like a stressed lunatic. If you have enough time to stroll around town to shop, you’ll can maybe make a stop at that cute little bakery you like so much, or get a caramel frappuchino. With those comfy shoes on your feet, you’ll be the breeziest shopper in town! Good on you!

And last but not least, take a friend along! But not any friend, take the one who’s style you envy, so you have a good critic. Take the one who isn’t always in a rush, so it’s a relaxed experience.
Take the one who lifts your spirits up instead of pushing them down, the one who points out your good features instead of your flaws. Take that person with you, and you’ll be just fine.

You see? The circle closed! So let’s have a recap, clothes-snacks-time-friends. CLOTHES-SNACKS-TIME-FRIENDS! This shopping advice should make any shopping day successful!
But one last thing, if you feel bad about yourself and you don’t wanna go out to shop for clothes, just don’t. Don’t force yourself to go in that fluorescent lighting small cabin to try on that one dress that’s going to make you feel even worse about yourself. Just stay in, be happy you’re born in a century where every shop has an online shop and start browsing for ideas on the world wide web!

Just have a positive attitude about it all and you’ll be fine.


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