This has been so long overdue! Every one saw this tag all over the internet #teaminternet ,and hasn’t it been life changing? No really, it’s amazing what fits in there. It’s like Marry Poppins magic or something…

So I know it’s been trending for ever but I’m just going to jump on the bandwagon – even if it’s a last minute jump – I made it! Here is what is inside my favourite bag.
I got this purse last christmas ( – I gave you my heart… If you know the rest of the lyrics, you get 10 points, you smart you!) and I use it non-stop!

It’s by a Belgian brand, called Essentiel , that creates gorgeous pieces that are never out of style. If I had the budget, I would definitely dress head to toe in their clothing! You can find them here : !
The bag has a crocodile relief on it with golden details which matches perfectly with the majorelle blue. It has 1 decorative strap that I use as a shoulder strap. I removed the initial long strap because there was just too much going on for me! I occasionally just carry the bag in my hand with the sturdy hand strap! ooh so clever

And now… drum roll please… the shtuff I carry around all day long!


What’s in there:
– Lots of this:
– lots of this :
– some of this :
– and a little bit of this :


What is in your bag? Snap a picture and send it to me!
I’m going to go now and watch the Shaytards on Youtube ’cause #teaminternet


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