I’m sure you have your own favourite perfumes, and after seeing my picks, maybe you’ll be  like – ew, those do not smell good girl!
Well I like them and I’ll be shimmying through them all winter.

Since I’ve been back from Miami, this summer, I’ve really been changing up my scents. That’s mostly because I bought, like, 7 body mists at Victoria’s Secret…
But I’m shifting to winter scents and body mists just don’t always do the trick! (well except for one of them!)

My 5 favourites are here! And they are not in a specific order, ’cause, yanno, I don’t wanna make them feel bad for being picked last!

Gucci Guilty Eau De Toilette 
Victoria’s Secret Angel Fragrance Mist
Bottega Veneta Eau De Parfum
Issey Miyake Pleats Please Eau De ToiletteLet me tell you,
I have been getting so many compliments about this one
and I feel like no one really knows this brand, so there you go…you who wanted to know.

Miss Dior Le Parfum




They all have pretty warm scents. If you like those, your favourite will probably be Gucci Guilty or Dior Le Parfum.
And if you prefer summer scents but you don’t want to smell like pineapple strawberries at Christmas, go for the Issey Miyake one or Angel, by Victoria’s Secret.
And finally, Bottega Veneta is a brand that released it’s first fragrance in 2011, originally they only created luxury leather accessories but oh my sweet sweet honeybooboo the smell is amazing! They described the smell as floral chypre. Well, I would just send you to the store to smell it ’cause no one knows what that means! But my most accurate – tried – description is ‘Luxury’. And I have the shower gel and body cream as well.. so I just walk out the door feeling majestic when I wear this one!

What are your favourite scents this winter? Let me know so I can go and sniff new ones!


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